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iRobot Roomba 805 Vs 880 REVIEW

The battle of discovering the most effective, the smartest, and the pet-friendly robot vacuum continues globally. Among a tremendous amount of competitors, iRobot Roomba makes kind of the best robot vacuum cleaners among many other automated cleaning robots in today’s market.

They’ve constantly been coming up with new tech for their robot to improve the user’s experience and deduct the common bugs and issues users have with robot vacuum cleaners nowadays.

And this moment, we would love to compare the Roomba 880 against the Roomba 805, 2 very capable automated house cleaners.

The differences they are having simply mean that they’re meant for unique users and unique user’s requirements, and you will certainly be able to see where you will fit under these 2 products.

We will begin by going through the functions and features of each model and proceed with comparisons. Then, there will be a comparison, which will also help people to see which one will serve you the benefits.

Quick Guide — iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880

iRobot Roomba 805 iRobot Roomba 880



The Roomba 805 is quite identical to the Roomba 880. But, there are many key features that you must consider before making any purchase of these two. The first one is the filtration. The 805 comes with the standard Roomba filter.

Manufactured to keep the motor place clean and dirt and dust in the dust-bin, it is not meant to reduce allergens, though. The Roomba 880 comes with a high-efficiency filter, which will help reduce allergens in your house by capturing up to 99% of pollen, pet dander, and dust mites as well.

The 880 model has the XLife battery, which will last longer-up to 2x the amount of charging cycles as the great lithium-ion battery of the Roomba 805.

In the last part, the containment choices included for the 805, with the dual-mode virtual wall barrier, do not permit for multi-room navigation identical to the virtual lighthouse, which comes with the 880.

The last decision, then, comes down to either containment control and better filtration or a more cash saving robot. The rest of this article will define the rest to help you with that choice.



iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 — Similarities

Random Cleaning Style

When a table leg or a wall, or any other obstacle enters that path, the Roomba 880 and 805 will bump in it to see if it’s solid or if it could pass through (like the bottom side of curtains).

If the obstacle is much solid, the robot will swap course slightly until it could move past the blockade, then continuing straight again until the further hurdle is encountered.

iAdapt Navigation

Unlike the 2nd and 3rd generations, which have cameras added, there is not a mapping function included with the 800 series robots.

Average Noise Levels

It is not so loud that you could no longer hear the television. However, you might have to raise your voice to take attention in a conversation if the robotics vacuum is in the identical room as you are.

Tangle-free extractors

The tangle-free part comes into play when the robot processes something like a power cord or a sock. Besides that, The extractors would note they are being tangled, and it will automatically stop rotating.

The robot will reverse its extractors in an attempt to free itself. If it is successful, then it will continue cleaning again. If not, then it will automatically shut down and then send an audible alert so it can let you know it is stuck in the cord.

AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System

The brush heads the 3 stages (agitate, sweep, and filter). The task is to gather dust outside the robot’s reach and then put it in the path of the robot.

On top of that, The extractor bars agitate the carpet, and sweep hard floors and then lift the debris inside the air chamber for the collection. In the final, the suction deposits the dust in the dust-bin, and the exhaust air will be filtered and then returned to the room.

Cliff Detect


Once the job is finished, you would be given the option to make a seven-day cycle of schedules. You’ll be capable of picking a specific time, only once per day, for the seven-day cycles.

Once the last day schedule has been processed, the schedule will clear itself automatically, and you’ll have to reprogram the schedules for the further week. Making a schedule just takes a couple of minutes and is much convenient added to your weekly control routine.

Self Charging

. This all gets done automatically. While you could stop a cleaning session early and then return the robot to the charging dock manually as well, you do not have to. Both the Roomba 880 and 805 will do this on their own.

No WiFi Capability

You’re left with the local controls on the top side of both robots or the infrared remote control too. The remote control includes the Roomba 880, but it is a separate purchase for Roomba 805.

No Entire Level Cleaning

Since there’s a map to follow, and the camera-based vacuums know where they have left off and could return there after the battery gets charged. The Roomba 880 and 805 don’t have mapping functions and won’t know where to return to, although they’ll recharge the battery and then sit on the Home Base waiting for your next commands or the next schedule of cleaning time.



iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 — The Big Differences

Remote Control

The Roomba 880 includes a remote control for you to use; the Roomba 805 does not come with the remote control, though. You must take note, though, that if you select to use the remote control, then the Roomba 805 is compatible with it; you will require to purchase the remote in a separate way.

Battery Type

The difference is in the measurement of the duration of how long the battery will be capable of being recharged. The basic battery found in the 805 will last longer, on average, about 18 -30 months. The XLife battery of the 880 will double its life span from 36–60 months; it totally depends on how you must be using it.

Containment Options

The 880 includes a virtual lighthouse. This battery-operated machine uses a timer to block off exits to places for a set number of times. Both containment choices are compatible with both robots; the difference is in which one would be shipped with your buy.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 — Filter

Multi-Room Cleaning

When the infrared light is on, the robot will be contained within the room. When the timer gets expired , the light goes out, permitting the Roomba 880 to pass and laso move to another room.

The Roomba 805 doesn’t have multi-room cleaning capabilities out of the box. But, it’s compatible with the virtual lighthouse as well, and you could make a separate buy to give the 805 this capability if you wish.

iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 Price

Both models are consistently dropping in price because of the other, newer models are being released in the market. Of course, the main decision is yours to make, however if the price is a major factor, you’ll save a few bucks with the Roomba 805.



iRobot Roomba 805 vs 880 — Performance Comparison

Hardwood Floors


The motor power is not sufficient enough to pull out debris and dirt from deep within the high pile’s high quality fibers. The edge here would go to the Roomba 880 for the HEPA filtration system. Since most of the allergen particles will be on the carpet, the 880 would help deduct their amounts significantly.

Pet Hair

They operate to prevent clogs of hair being sucked up and are much easier to wipe clean. You’ll require to check the rollers for wrapped hair, and deducting the end caps to detach the build-up found there must be a part of your weekly maintenance routine as well.



Direct irobot Roomba 805 & 880 Comparison

Roomba Accessories

The XLife battery isn’t compatible with the Roomba 805, and the standard filter is not compatible with the Roomba 880. Other than the brand’s original parts which will be required to be replaced at various times, when you choose a model for purchase, you will be required to stick to model-specific segments when replacing them.

The filter and also the side brushes would be the most often changed, lasting 4–6 months for the filter and 9–12 for the brushes.

How to Charge these Roomba Models

They’ll automatically monitor their batteries and also make their way back to its Home Base when required. In some cases, the battery would die before the robot could make it back to the charging dock. Whenever this happens, you will have to pick it up and then place it on the cradle by yourself, permitting it to recharge before further use.

Positioning the Roomba Home Base

Keeping the base cool will definitely help prolong battery life. You will have to ensure it is on a flat, hard surface that permits the docking cradle to be flushed with the floor. It isn’t advised to place it on the carpet.

There must be enough clearance for this robot to find the infrared signal as well as position itself perfectly to mount the dock. 2 feet on either side and 4 feet in front of the Home Base could be sufficient.

Tips for Using a Roomba


Run the robot every day to maintain floors and prolong the battery life. Pick up any of the large debris or cords before you start your cleaning session. Run a weekly maintenance routine so you can clean the sensors, filters, and also brushes. Do not allow the robot to go more than 2 weeks without being used. Place the robot in an idle mode when you’re away for extended periods. Understand that a Roomba is not manufactured to replace your standard vacuum, just to maintain floor cleanliness between uses.

iRobot Roomba 805 Vs 880 — Frequently Asked Questions


Has the Roomba 880 been discontinued?

Does Roomba resume after charging?

How can I extend the battery life?

  • Place your robot in idle mode when you’re away for more than a week.
  • Use the Roomba every day, if possible, and no less than twice a week.
  • Keep the Roomba, battery, and Home Base out of the sunlight, permitting it to cool properly.
  • Once in a month, prevent the Roomba from recharging until the battery completely gets drained.

How do I reset a Roomba unit?

Where are the best places to buy a Roomba 805 and 880?

When there are some brick and mortar stores providing one or the other of these 2 models, the chances of having one are slowly disappearing. But, Online through will remain the best choice.

How do I contact iRobot Roomba customer support?

Let’s Conclude irobot Roomba 805 Vs 880 Review

With these mature Roombas, locks will get captured on the comb rollers, demanding you to invest when getting the locks personally. The brush-less rollers create servicing much easier. Now, if they could create a Roomba which pipes the dust containers by itself automatically.

With the Roomba purchase, the attitude is “While we still have to make my rooms and vacant the trash-bin, at least we don’t need to run the device personally.” Before permitting the Roomba run, we make sure that the ground to our apartment is away from little devices that can get pulled up.

Until they have created family spiders which will choose up and also arrange our things for us, we will have to do this personally, though. However, we don’t have to hoover any more.

We wish this evaluation permits you to become better advised regarding this Roomba. This is a ton of cash to invest in a device, but we are so satisfied we provided it the opportunity to you.

We share honest reviews & guides about the best vacuum cleaners by testing them on various grounds.